Why the name « Yo Mama’s » ?

Because there are no better recipes than those created and cooked with Yo Mama’s love. They're so delicious that no one would ever want to make jokes about your mother again.

What is Yo Mama’s?

The concept of Yo Mama’s Burger - Shakes & Desserts was quickly designed and developed by an entrepreneur from Montréal to help restaurant during this global pandemic of 2020.

What is it’s mission ?

The idea is to allow restaurateurs to acquire an additional source of income by operating, in addition to their own restaurant, a turnkey franchise that requires no physical space other than their kitchen.


Where is Yo Mama’s located?

You’ll never find Yo Mama’s. Yo Mama’s, however, will always find you. Yo Mama’s is a fast food restaurant concept that is only accessible through delivery platforms such as UberEats, Skip the Dishes and Doordash.